New Fantasy

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Younglings are also born in the dream world and are raised by other beings. The dragon parents in particular are always busy and have little time to raise their own offspring. The 'Accoucheuse' are therefore a gift from heavens.


Beyond the heavens of the dream world lies the dream verse. Crossing these spaces requires mathematical geniuses, one who navigates and another who calculates. The two of them quickly figure it out and reach their destination in no time.


The strangest creatures arrive from afar, never-seen figures with their strange languages and customs. This one here is a 'star picker', he uses his star power to magically remove the strangest diseases and ailments. Do you have a serious illness, for example an ingrown toenail? No problem, it's fixed with just a blink of an eye.

Fungi Gardener

This creature is a fungi collector, she goes out to collect mushrooms and fungi. She takes them to the farthest reaches of the dream world so that they can thrive in a quiet place without being disturbed.

蛇 Serpent

蛇 Serpent, The Translator. Even in a world made up of dreams, there are beings who do not understand each other. Their speech and habits may be incomprehensible to each other. The 'snake' is a great help in understanding each other. With a lot of humor he gives words and advice to the mutual confusions, so that the dream creatures understand each other better.


Even in The Dreamworld, stars are very common. They must be studied, researched and consulted. The position of the constructions is carefully described. And the omens and predictions are always explained to the residents as advice.

In Tow

Even in the dream world, beings can become lost. Fortunately, these creatures are very social with each other. If someone breaks down on the road, you will be taken in tow. It doesn't matter where you are stranded, you will be taken to safer places.


For those who do not want to live on a world and prefer to travel forward, aft, starboard, port, above or below, the AirVillages are the ideal solution. They will take you everywhere or, if you want, nowhere.

Mushroom Whisperer

The mushroom whisperer stalks fields and forest paths to look for mushrooms. He can talk to them, and what stories those mushrooms have to tell and what they have all experienced. You can't imagine anything so crazy.