New Works


Some of the 'Dream Creatures' cannot fly. But don't worry, there are always inventors who make it possible to go to great heights with their machines. They make all kinds of machines, this one here invented a steam soup rocket. Practical and delicious.


A king and his heirs to the throne. It is literally a heavy burden to name an heir to the throne. Is it the one who sits the highest or is it the one who can best take care of the gardens.

Court Jesters

Even in the 'dream World' there are kingdoms and they all have their problems. Fortunately, there are the "Court Jesters" who can lighten up some problems with their jokes and pranks. A good smile solves most problems.

The Walk

Recently I was walking in the park at 'Stein' the city I life in, to my surprise I saw some of my dream beings walking near the ruin. Luckily I had my painting supplies with me and I put them on canvas.


The Funguster drives through fields and forests to find suitable places to plant mushrooms. Some of these mushrooms can be eaten and others grow so large that they can be inhabited. These mushrooms can also grow so large that whole mushroom forests are created.


In the vast dream world one has to be careful not to get lost. From there these 'buoy signposts' are very handy. Whether you want left right forward or backward, down or up. You always end up in the right place.


From the heavens to the earthly, wherever you want to go. The StarLiner will take you there. Of course there are costs involved, flying such great distances costs a lot of energy. For a flight it takes one to two grains of grain, it depends on the distance. But then, of course, you fly first class.


In the ever-expanding dream world, more and more uninhabited and unexplored plains are added. Either way, these should be explored. The Settlers set out to explore and inhabit it. That should be doable with a pack animal, a driver and a scout. However small the pack animals may look, they are super fast and incredibly strong. With the speed of as many as five fleas, they run across the landscape.


Places can arise in the 'DreamWorld' just like that. When a piece of new world is created, it is very hot and barren in the beginning. This is where the 'Fenixes' come in handy, they don't care about the heat. They fly over the new land and see where they can already be sown with seeds and pinecones. So that trees and later forests can arise.


There are also other worlds to explore in the expanded expanses of the Dream World. The worlds of the micro-beings. To explore these, the 'Fiendpicker' comes in handy. With his very slow machine this (profesor) scans the bottom for other small undiscovered creatures.


Well Ock..., In the dreamworld everything that exists there is made by our dreams. Not knowing where they themselves come from, the dream world is reality for them. But this being is very special, even in the eyes of the other dream beings. Whispering to his magic balls, Ock soars through the many heavens where they must search for those in need.


In the DreamWolrd the oceans are breathtakingly large. Many of these waters and skies are unknown territory to the dream world beings. A lot is explored and sailed to see these unknown places. The surprise was great when other creatures appeared. The 'NorseMen' of Norwegianmania. They were a little creepy and frightening. They were carrying a red juice at them that they traded with. If you drank it you started giggling. But if you drank too much it felt like someone was hitting your head with hammers the next day. It must be sorcery.


The 'Walkers are very strong creatures. They pick up other creatures and walk for days and weeks across the plains of the dream world. This way you can emigrate. Whether to the mountains, steppes or swamps. It doesn't matter to the Walkers. Walking is their passion and life.


The creatures in the dream world are very interested in astronomy. They go out to study the heavens. Everything they see is mechanically recorded in a machine, also the directions in which the stars and planets rotate are shown in detail. The dream creatures want to know that if there is an alignment, the pollinators will not fly away again. This disaster has happened once, and there was nothing to eat for five whole hours. A real nightmare.


Sometimes dreams are very confusing. One can get lost in it. Then the help of a TangleGuide is called in. He will make sure that everything is back on track. Of course it can take a while, because they are already small and slow. However, they always find their way back.

Bird of Prey

When the summers get hot and stuffy, they come out of the swamps by the thousands by the millions. A real invasion, all the creatures of the dream world close doors and windows for fear of being attacked. They strike without mercy, these terrible creatures, also known as 'Vampirus microscopus'... in other words 'mosquitoes'. Fortunately, redemption is near, the 'Bird of Prey' catches and eats them one by one from the skies.


There are dream beings who wonder, is this all there is? Their curiosity plays tricks on them. They want to find out more about how big their dream world is. That's why they capture and train giant air creatures. Huts and watchtowers are built on these creatures and then, if the air currents are right, they leave. Entire tribes go so that they can explore other worlds, and when these new worlds meet all requirements, homes are built on them.


The 'Sherman' is one of the great wizards. He can help others with swearing, spells and potions. As well with diseases and predictions. He picks herbs, mushrooms, ghosts and thoughts and turns them into magical potions. They are not drinkable, they taste and smell very very bad. But if you want to see your ancestors and consult them, you have to see him.


The 'CrookedBoard' is one of the most confusing creatures of the dreamworld. He always puts you on the wrong track. Ask for direction and he will point you in the wrong one. He will never steer you in the right way even once. It wil drive you crazy, and every time you come back to him. It is very busy there and traffic jams and accidents happen every day. No one knows why he does that, but if you think that's bad. Just wait for him to open his beak and starts talking. Endless, talking, talking and talking.


Every now and then 'true mythical creatures' from the human world invade the 'Dream World'. These creatures such as dragons, trolls, wizards etc, do not belong here. Nevertheless, they are all welcome, but it is expected that they will all be under surveillance for a while. They haven't forgotten the incident with the little dragon. It turned out he was allergic to feathers. The once beautiful town called 'Burnt to a crisp' was then burned to the ground after this dragon had a sneeze session.


Early in the morning the 'HyphaeCollector' sets out to collect the Hyphae 'roots of mushrooms'. The swamps are full of it, tea and medicines are made with it. He harvests them and raises them again himself, if there are none to be found then at least he has his own stock.


The OrpLings are a strange kind of creature. They soar through the night skies in search of the orps that float there. Once these orps (sometimes called stars) have been captured, delicious drinks are made from them. This makes the creatures feel strong again and feels a lot younger. There are entire villages with young people who claim that, of course that's silly. The parents should actually speak to the children and tell them that they are no longer allowed to sell nonsense. But the parents are nowhere to be seen.


The more people dream, the bigger the dream world becomes. In order to overcome these enormous distances and visit these new worlds, other ways will have to be found to transport everyone. The 'CloudExpress' is one of them. Made to fly from flower to flower like and at the speed of a bee, this dream creature flies from world to world.


Daylight is hard to find in the vast wetlands of the dream world. There are beings who, through photosintesis, capture the so rare light and store it in droplets of light and fireballs. They are then distributed in the villages and towns. These towns and villages can then be lit up so that the nightmares don't have a chance to invade.


In the vast world of the dream world, some places are so big and cold that the air beings cannot fly. The "TundraRunners" are an ideal solution here. They can run so fast that their feet don't freeze to the ground. At speeds up to 3 times faster than a snail, they run across the plains. If you blink you've missed them. The only witness is that they leave a trail of blossom, because there the ground thaws from the friction created by their running.

King of the Underin

In the dream world there are several kingdoms. Especially this kingdom with its king is having a hard time. It's a ground king. He must monitor and rule over everything that goes on there. Also the beings that come from above must abide by his laws and duties. And the penalties for transgression are horrific. Worst of all is 10 tickling sessions under the toes...awful.


There are some species that don't mind being somewhere fast. They take it easy, this is their way of thinking. We'll get there, why the rush. They puff and yawn across the prairie of the dream world with the speed of a waking snail. What isn't today will be tomorrow...and good night...

Marble Collector

Even dream creatures sometimes get confused in their dream world, they lose their marbles. It all looks so strange, that world of theirs. But don't worry, the 'marble collector' finds all marbles. And through magic and science turns them into liquid dreams. After consuming this magic potion, everyone returns to normal.


To cross the great oceans, flying is almost impossible. It is also not possible to take fuel with you if you go by boat. Fortunately one can use the 'Prism's' they catch certain colors of the suns and stars. Thus they are slowly but surely driven on the infinite waters of the dream world.


In this world, the dream world. Sometimes very disturbing dreams find their way in. This can be seen in the thunderstorms that suddenly form. Here the 'Stormchasers' are in their element. They fly quickly into the storm and go on the hunt for the disturbed dreams. Once the disturbing dreams have been captured, the storm subsides and weakens to a nice breeze. And then everyone can breathe normally again.

Nanny Diamond

In the grandeur of the dream world, the evening evening heavens are black. This is the time the 'Nanny Diamond' wake up. They fly and soar thousands at a time into the night skies. When they turn on their light globens, they create a seemingly starry sky.

King of the West

The 'King of the West' is the one and only king who is convinced that every dream creature is equal and should be treated as such. Whether you are a 'Miniskuly' or a 'mountain giant' everyone is equal. The 'King of the west' sends his aircreatures over the dream world to investigate wrongdoings and report them so that the king can intervene.


In the dream world one also wants to discover new unknown worlds. These worlds are not part of the mainland. They float in the skies of the unknown dreams. The creatures with the most courage make vehicles and ask other creatures for help. Together they embark on a journey into the unknown.


In the dark moors where with no doubt you get lost. Where one sinks further into despair with every step you take. The nightmares that wants to pull you down. With your last breath. Suddenly there is a 'Twinkler' out of nowhere, he has already seen from afar that you were in trouble. And has come to you as fast as he could to help you.


In this world created by dreams, the creatures that live in it are occasionally beset by droughts. No droughts where there is a lack of rainfall. No, there are no new dreams falling from the skies. This is where the 'CloudSeekers' are in their element, they hunt for clouds that hold the dreams and pierce them..


The MicroScoper is a research professor who investigates everything down to the smallest detail. Nothing escapes the professor and his students. His main job is to investigate dreams that can potentially become nightmares and filter them out. The nightmares start as a little seed and, if undetected, can turn into a true nightmare.


The plateau rider is at his best on the vast expanse of the dream world. Searching for lost and stray dreams, high on his saddle he finds them all one by one. When he has found them all, he can close his eyes for a minute and then go looking for new stray dreams again.


Even in the dream world, some creatures are too tired to walk, fly or swim. Complicated constructions have been invented for this. The 'Locomotions' they take you from one world to another world in no time. They are very environmentally aware, they turn evil nightmares into motion, hence the name.


Even in the dream world things sometimes get lost. They are put down by mistake or accidentally taken by others. But don't worry, that's what these sleuths are for. They search everything until they have found the "misplaced object" again. Everyone can then go back to sleep with peace of mind, except for a few individuals.

King of the Aloft

In the world of dreams, creatures living in the skies are quite normal. One can find one's direction to listen to the stars but also to smell the wind directions. West, East, South, North, Underin and Aloft are the main cardinal directions. The others 18, such as, the present, yesterday, today, maybe tomorrow, etc., are less important. The first 6 are important, so they also have kings who rule the skies. When a thunderstorm strikes again, the ground creatures know that the kings are arguing again.

Vermin Warrior

The 'Vermin Warrior' is one of the most important dream creatures of the dream world. He sees to it that everyone gets to eat. All the dream time he is busy hunting for pests that could ruin the crops. But there is a dream rodent that is very difficult to defeat, a worthy opponent. The Oneymeenyminymos, if you think you can see or grab them, they're gone.


In the dream world, once in a thousand dreams a dragon egg is found. This dragon egg is extremely rare, it is a gold dragon egg. This dragon species will illuminate the dream world when it is hatched. The heavens light up and everything begins to grow and blossom. It is therefore very important that it is carefully monitored and that the egg is not lost. That is why this 'Draconiër' watches over the egg. These beings are also thousands of dreams old and wise and know exactly where the dangers lie.

Dew Collector

This very small creature lives in the moors of the dream world. These dew collectors are also called 'Morons'. As long as they don't hear you call them that they are quite nice. Early in the morning they collect dewdrops from the dew plants that secrete drinkable water. It is after the blood wine and the bee butt wine, also called 'Mede' is the only thing one can drink in the moors.


If you are in doubt and you don't know what to do. Then here is the solution. The 'whisperers' the little voices in your head. They tell you exactly what you need to know and what to do. Never again be indecisive and straight forward.

Road to Nowhere

In the dream world there are many roads and paths. One can get quite lost here. You should always have a 'bird's eye view' with you. They are the easiest way to point you in the direction of where you need to be. Unfortunately there are different kinds of 'bird eye view' and they all have their own opinion how to go and which way to take. This can be quite confusing.


The LightSeeker is one of the beings that searches the dream world for fire insects or other light creatures in the evening hours. He tries to persuade them to move into the dark cities and villages. To illuminate the roads, paths and avenues. This is to prevent nightmares from occurring in these neighborhoods.


In the dream world there are different beings, this 'Nephilim' is one of the strangest. They roam in the 'haze swamps' in search of half dreams. When they have found those dreams, they try to get an idea of what they should be. Once found out, they ensure that these dreams manifest themselves. Thus, the half dreams become real dream beings.


In the dream world there are also oceans and seas to cross. These dream seas and oceans can be dangerous if you just cross them. Professional skills are required, captains and pilots with the best experience are the only ones who venture into this. For in these dream waters can hide nightmares that can unexpectedly emerge from the depths and terrify the dream beings.


The librarian is one of the dream beings who keeps all dreams apart, he catalogs the dreams and puts them away in one of the 'thousand book cases'. If you have had a dream that you do not understand, you can look it up there.

Early Bird

Well, well, this is an early and strange bird. They sometimes say ‘the early bird catches the fattest worm. Not in this case. This early bird has not yet been properly awake, the young ones have kept him up all night. Red eyes and plumage confused, he went out to catch a few worms. After having flew against the trunk of a tree umpteenth times, and ended up in thorn bushes. He calls it a day and goes to bed for the rest of the day.

In Concert

Even in the Dream World, boredom strikes sometimes. Fortunately, there are the ‘itinerant tribes of music’ that provide the necessary entertainment. The Dream Cities they are gone to visit already eagerly awaiting for them. When they hear the music in the distance come closer and closer the residents starting to set up party tents.

Child Health Clinic

Even in the dream world, dreams are born small. They need to be checked to see if they are healthy and cannot develop into nightmares. Should it be that there is a potential nightmare in between it, he will be taken out and retrained into a dream.

From the Darkness into the Light

In the dark world called the nightmare world, there are creatures who would like to escape to the dream world. This creature secretly brings the others to the dream world. At the end of the night, he takes them along a secret flight path to a more beautiful destination. Home in the nightmare world, he tells stories about this world full of light. And as he lights the candles to reinforce his story, they are all amazed. No one in their world has seen anything like that before.

Ferry Man

In this dream world some worlds are so large and so far apart that they cannot be reached independently by the dream inhabitants. The Ferrys are therefore a godsend, they swim, fly and some even go underground to reach their destination. This one here a little bulky looking is not one of the fastest, but has an endurance of up to a thousand worlds in one flight. He can effortlessly fly over dreams for long periods of time, he even covers the centuries-old primordial dreams that prove to have no end, without any effort.


In the dream world one must be patient in order to hear the dreams. To hear them see and feel so that they can manifest themselves. Only in this way, with many noses in the same direction, fantasies become reality. Accompanied by a master dreamer, even in the darkest places, the points of light of a starting world are sown and can sprout in a new place in the dream world.

On the Run

Even in the dream world, the residents are sometimes forced to move. When the nightmares have penetrated into their beautiful dream world. One has to leave it with such speed and haste that one almost forgets to take the youngsters with them.


In the normally peaceful dream world where everything goes smoothly and nothing exciting ever happens. Suddenly out of nothing the peace is disrupted by a Noisy. These dream creatures keep a close eye on everything. If anything suspicious crosses their path, such as a nightmare, they immediately sound the alarm by ringing their bells.


Even in the dream world they need a nursery. Only this one is for a certain kind of dreamers, The fungi. It takes a thousand years for them to become adults, and about a hundred teachers who have already devoured thousands of books about 'how to raise fungi'. The fungi are very important creatures, they have to eat the old dreams otherwise these dreams can become nightmares. Nobody in the dream world is waiting for those terrible dreams. The last time the nightmares were there they disturbed the balance for years and years.


The Leviathan is a dream world monster, dating back to prehistoric times, one of the few who can fly between all dream worlds. Throughout the Dream World there were legends for thousands of years in which Dream Creatures who came too close to the limits of their existence would be kidnapped by a flying monster and carried them off to another world. Now it has been found out that this monster only took beings to show them that other dream worlds exist as well.that blows down the towering houses of these creatures. Slowly the earth starts to burst open and mountains seem to come to life, these are his big brothers and sisters that he has awakened, they see what happened and are in an even worse mood.

I'm off

After we told our dog that we were going to get a cat, we think he gave up, grabbed his Bindle and was about to leave. After a few knees and a lot of dog snacks, he wanted to watch it for a little while longer. I know, it is not a dream wold creature but... Nevertheless.

Dream Class

Well, even in the dream world there are lessons in history and astromy, how the first Big Bang Dream originated for example. It is still a riddle where the dream world comes from. Angry tongues say that there are other beings and that they create the dream world in their sleep, just ridiculous, what nonsense.


This dream world Creature is one of the few who also penetrate our world. For hours, days, weeks, months, they can sit unobtrusively. Invisible only in the corner or with the blink of your eyes you have something like, what was that? And then, as fast as the tree casting its shadow in the forest, as slow as lightning, it strikes. Waking up in shock, feeling like you're falling out of bed, desperately trying to remember what you were dreaming of. Realizing that your dream is becoming more and more fleeting has been snatch by the Snatcher.


The dream world is not actually a world consisting of soil, earth and rocks, they are living worlds or rather beings. Sometimes there is an intergrowth from a world like a dandelion here on earth, it gets bigger and bigger, that depends on the number of dreams. They grow so big that at some point they break off and are slowly carried by the wind. They are seedlings and they can float through the air for thousands of years, sometimes they end up on another world and sometimes they float and are populated by other dream beings. This creates new dreams and dream worlds.


In the dream world you have air horses, comparable to the sea horses here. They make golden pearls that when hatched become dreams.


After taking a short nap of about 10,000 years. This 200 meter little Reforestator woke up, to his horror he sees that a new kind of creatures have arrived. They are destroying his beloved forests at an unbelievably fast pace. Knowing that he cannot reforest everything on his own, he lets out a deafening silent scream that blows down the towering houses of these creatures. Slowly the earth starts to burst open and mountains seem to come to life, these are his big brothers and sisters that he has awakened, they see what happened and are in an even worse mood.